Monday, September 17, 2007

Vivian Wedding: The Dinner

Chor Teck, Vivian Lee & Family members

Chor Teck & Vivian Lee

It is time for story, long story as well as phots sharing...... Too long and forgot where to start the story. To cut short the story, let's the photos do the talking. Let us enjoy the happy moment 1st.

Ally & Family
Two (2) cars from KL to Malacca. Me & PL, Ko Hsin, her BF & Sor Khim in another car. Ah Mok from Tangkak, Ally & Family from JB and Kian Ming from Muar. Nine (9) adults, one (1) kid. Ngam Ngam. We stayed at Garden City Condominium, three (3) of us (Me, PL, Mok). At very last minute, yeah i meant that, very last minute (almost 11.40pm), come rescuer. Emily and another friend of Vivian, to share the burden and also cost Ah Mok to miss the chance of knowing Emily as well. Because she stay with another guy that we thought is her bf, well it is NOT.

Sor Khim & Ko Hsin (her BF is on her Left, not in the photo)

The dinner was held in Equatorial Hotel, behind the famous A' Famosa. We all sitting at Table 37 with Ko Hsin & gang reached there before 7pm, then came us, then Ally & Family and lastly Kian Ming. Poor Kiam Ming, a vegetarian, ate only vege + mushroom + non-meat food stuffs and he left at 10pm to catch 11pm bus to Bruas, his hometown. Then Ally & Family left as well at around 10.45 pm to Seremban.

Mok, Pui Ling & Ally

Kian Ming & Sor Kiem

Ally still the same skinny Ally, never grow old, only matured. Kian Ming & Ah Mok also the same. Never grow old but Kian Ming got gf now while Ah Mok still looking for prey a.k.a. victim in my point of view. Still promoting his latest product, UltraSlim condom!!! And he is still looking for victim to try it. Sor Khim, the Cikgu in Serdang dunno what school, Ko Hsin, the Direct Sales. Nope, not Direct Sales, more canggih word, MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Me & PL, getting older & older, sigh.

The next morning (Sunday), another ceremony to go through. Groom came to invite bridge. Due to lack of womanpower, tak sampai 15 minutes, the groom was able to enter the room. Of course PL as leader, assist by Emily and Vivian's sisters. Not too challenging for the Groom.

Her Family

AND Finally



Ah Mok


Vivian sister (left) & Emily (friend of Vivian from KL)

More photos Click Here. Will upload more photos tomorrow as i hit the quota.


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