Monday, November 12, 2007

Wai Har Wedding

10th November 2007 - Wai Har & Keat Hong wedding dinner. A B2K from UPM, coursemate of us. Dinner started at 7pm but maybe due to jam and also bad habit of Chinese (always late for wedding dinner), the dinner started at 8.15pm. Ally & Family supposed to attend the dinner also but due to heavy traffic jam in North - South Highway, thanks to efficience Police that block the road, they turned back to Seremban at the Bangi area.

List of B2K that attended:
1. Kwang Hui & Family
2. Tuck Seong & Family
3. Chee Wei & Family
4. Me, PL, HH
5. Mun Wai
6. Boon Keat
7. KJ & FK (girl friend)
8. Wai Kong
9. Ai Wah

Final event was Lim Ai Wah's Birthday. We all must thanks Boon Keat for the Secret Recepi's Apple Cheese Cake. Cut the cake in my house and tok kok till 2.30am.
More photos update once receive it from KJ & others.


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