Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The little biotech gathering in Germany

It started on a Sun morning, a few months back when I was running in the morning that I should invite the Biotech gang in EU to join my wedding celebration in Germany... and the same night, I managed to chat with Chyan Leong, and he agreed to join instantly. I was really very HAPPY! Then I sent an e-mail to the other 3 that I knew is in EU: Chee How, Yang Ping and Kenny. And I got replies from Chee How and Yang Ping that they can make it with their family too... I was even happier!

And so, the little biotech gathering in Germany took place from 14th Aug till 16th Aug... Chyan Leong was the first to arrive, followed by Chee How, Chuen Yi and Abigail on the 14th Aug, while Yang Ping and Ley Poh arrived on the 15th Aug... It was really cool to have all of them join in our wedding celebration. 

Chee How and Chuen Yi were always very busy with Abigail, like Alex and I busy with Annabelle... and of course, we have similar parenting topics :-)

Yang Ping and Ley Poh, joining the PaMa club soon! Good luck and I hope that times will get better! And Chyan Leong, still the same old Chyan Leong... he still dance happily on the dance floor.... BUT he has upgraded and eat rice with a fork oh! The pics taken during the wedding and the day after... I think everyone still looks the same... maybe a little bit more matured?

Chyan Leong, Chee How, Chuen Yi, Abigail, Yang Ping and Ley Poh, it was really great to see all of you again... and hopefully we meet again soon!