Sunday, July 27, 2008

別人之所以阻礙我們,就是因爲過去生中,我們曾經阻礙過別人。 ~靜思語

別人之所以阻礙我們,就是因爲過去生中,我們曾經阻礙過別人。 ~靜思語.



Monday, July 7, 2008

Weng Chung Wedding Dinner

Finally he lost his freedom!

Wedding diner at Imperial Palace Restaurant at Puchong on 6th July 2008, 2 days after his 32nd birthday. His wife if i am not mistaken is 5 batch junior of us!

Too bad, only four (4) B2K attended, that is of course me and PL, TBK and Wai Kong. KJ last minute sick (i think he went to K.J. stadium kot?) and can't attended. Chee How's wife not feeling well, so not attended as well. B2.001K has 3 representatives, Ang, Kok Mun, Sook Foong. The rest were super junior of us la. Oh, Lisa Ong did attended as well, all the way from S. Petani!

As usual, TBK flirting around...... you know la, his style never changed for 10 years and he is still using it...... And as usual, we have the jean with t-shirt Wai Kong plus sport shoes that also never changed since we knew him more than 10 years ago.

Oh more thing, he (Weng Chung) can't drink at all! You know, AT ALL!!!!! He looked like "Kuan Kong" after drank a small glass of wine, bottom up!

Congratulation to Weng Chung and time to produce!

Yang Ping's Left Ankle

1. What happened? Fractured his left ankle and underwent the operation in SJMC last Friday.
2. When? 29th June 2008
3. Where? Singapore
4. How? Roller skating
5. Why Malaysia pula? Beh tahan with the Singapore's "
restructured hospital" services.
6. Which hospital? Secret! I knew anyway!
7. How much? 5 digits, actual figure ask him personally!

Below is my conspiracy theory:
1. He miss Malaysia, does not want to go to Germany so soon!
2. He want to test the services of Singapore restructured hospital and compared to Malaysia GH.
3. He does not want to go Redang Island!
4. He want to try crutches after saw my blog on knee operation!

Results & Discussions:
1. As his wish, he will only fly to Germany in early August together with his wife.
2. There is no different between Singapore's Restructured Hospital and Malaysia's General Hospital. What we called LPPL or same-same.
3. As his wish, he got 50% refund, but end up paying more than 2k for admission to Singapore's restructured hospital (fully paid) as well as SJMC (co-insurance).
4. As his wish, he had his left ankle fractured, same as mine left knee.

1. Don't ever try roller skating at the age of 32. Not a sport for old man like us that seldom/never try before. Take the sport you used to it, cycling!
2. Don't ever admit to Singapore hospital if you are not earning Singapore dollars, will cost you a bomb, futhermore if you are not PR!
3. Better mandi berdua-dua with wife rather than with nurse helping you wipe the whole body, naked!

By the way, hoping you have a speedy recovery! Cheers!