Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tan Boon Keat here

I’m here. Still the good old Tan Boon Keat as usual. Getting older with hair lost, gain weight on tummy, bad temper always strike … But generally I’m still fine.

Sim, mana lu punya rumor come from? I’m still single leh… if got girlfriend sure announce to you lah!

Just some picture to show that I’m alive :-)

I'm still love climbing

working in Lab too long will become like this :-(

Mytwo little angel :-)

Yes, I'm still FIT! Still can join race!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Congratulation Ally and family

Photo linked from Facebook

Oh, having 2nd baby is always excited. You need to start over again the "hard life" for at least first 6 months and also lost the "freedom". But the happiness is not able to describe in words......

Congratulation again, having 3rd baby?

Congratulation to Yang Ping and Family

Photo linked from Facebook

Congratulation to YP and LP and welcome to the club. Enjoy your moment with new family member. I guess we should organize a B2K gathering next year (includes family members) in Malaysia.

It is time for TBK to become active again after so many years of staying behind the stage.

By the way, rumour, that TBK has girl friend.